Thursday, May 21, 2015

The book has been published!

Through GPS MUSIC, Act II has just released the publication on line for God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit! 

You can get YOUR copy, along with copies of two Christian Fiction books by Gordon Paul Smith as a free bonus, just by writing your email address in the comments below this post!

God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit is a 168-page collection of essays, poems, songs, stories, and prose - all designed to help you find new ways to connect with The Lord. The collection is filled with a wide variety of ideas, but everything starts from the Bible. This is NOT "new age" - this is NOT meant to be a "new way to Heaven"...just new ways to communicate with the God of All the Ages. (As Adam Ford once quoted: saying "I've found a new path to the Lord!" translates to "I've rediscovered some old heresies!")

The two other books are one published under a different editor and format back in 2012, through Smashworks publishing, entitled My Name Is Alison, a novella about a man who thought he'd lost everything when his first wife died, only to discover that wasn't the reason for his troubles. The other is a new book, published here for the first time, about a road trip taken by three college students. The book's title is Day Eleven, and it shares how the changes a young man and young woman go through on the trip ends up saving both of them, thanks to Christ. 

Again, all you have to do as a reader of this blog is to LEAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS POST, and WE WILL SEND YOU ALL THREE BOOKS via email for FREE!

Thanks for your support, and for your love of God!

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